Professional grooming by Jody at Commonwealth includes: nail dremmeling, ear cleaning, anal glad expression, bath and a haircut or furmination (de-shedding).

Jody will work with you to discuss what is the best option and haircut for your pet.  

Cat grooming is also available. Cat grooming usually requires sedation because cats are scared of the sound of clippers and don't hold very still.  Every precaution is taken to ensure that this is as safe as possible for your cat.

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2 Cats Lion Cut

                     Jody Barber - Groomer                                                                                                                                              Two Cats with a "Lion Cut"

Jody's Grooms:

Jody's GroomsJody's GroomsJody's GroomsJody's Grooms

Grooming Facility:

groom room tub

Groom room window