State-of-the-art, Climate-controlled Kennel Facility

At CAH, it's all about making members of your family who are our guests feel at home.

  • Fresh water in clean bowls
  • Clean, comfortable bedding, including blankets and pillows where appropriate
  • Toys
  • Feeding twice daily
  • Exercise and outside play time at least three times a day
  • Medications and supplements given if provided by owner
  • Love!

Feel free to bring your own blankets, pillows, toys, food, treats, or whatever else you can think of to make your pet's stay more comfortable.

We go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has comfortable, clean bedding, fresh water and ample play time in order to be able to relax comfortably during their stay with us. Our state of the art kennels were designed for optimum cleanliness and comfort. They are the same kennels that are used in the veterinary program at Auburn University.
Sanitary gravel yard is scooped twice daily.

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We do our best to keep our hospital and kennel free of fleas and other parasites - please do your part by keeping your pet on a monthly flea/heartworm/intestinal parasite preventative. If your pet has fleas, we will treat it in a way we deem fit in order to protect our other boarding clients.

Pets must be up to date on all vaccinations for boarding.
For dogs this includes: distemper-parvo, bordetella, canine influenza (H3N2), rabies
For cats this includes: feline distemper, feline leukemia, rabies.