Creamation Services

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Commonwealth Pet Cremation

We know how painful it is to lose a beloved family member. We offer cremation services that treat your pet with honor, dignity, and compassion, and offer a quick return time so you get your pet’s remains in a timely manner.

Commonwealth Cremation is a member of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association) and we follow their guidelines.

Our services include:

  • Pick up of your beloved family pet from your veterinary clinic
  • Perform private or communal cremations at your request
  • We will treat your pet with the honor, dignity, and compassion it deserves throughout the entire aftercare process.
  • Our friendly staff is dedicated to making the passing of your family pet as easy on you as possible. We are available to answer any questions you may have.


Cremation Options

No matter which cremation option you decide to choose, the staff at Commonwealth Cremation will handle your pet with the honor, dignity, and compassion it deserves. We believe that the company you choose for the aftercare of your pet is an important one and should be made with a company you find to be trustworthy and credible.


Private Cremation
This type of cremation is where only one pet is placed into the crematory at a time. Once the cremation has been completed, the pet’s cremains are removed prior to placing any other pets into the crematory. Private cremations are slightly more expensive than communal cremations and are based on weight of the pet. Cremains will be returned in a standard black, velour pouch with a cremation certificate and then placed in a wooden urn. Call for pricing.

Communal Cremation
This type of cremation is typically performed when clients do not wish to receive their pet’s remains back. Your pet will be placed in the crematory with two or three other pets at the same time and then their remains will be scattered at our Anderson Animal Hospital location. Communal cremations are the least expensive of all cremation options.

7 Step Identification Process

The staff at Commonwealth Animal Hospital will make every effort to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in their time of need. We are often asked “How do I know the cremains I am getting are actually my pet?” This is an excellent question and one we are happy to answer for you. In order to ensure that our clients do, in fact, receive their own pet’s cremains we have instituted a comprehensive seven-step identification process. This identification process has been replicated from the ICCFA guidelines set forth in their doctrine.

  1. Once we have been scheduled to pick up your family pet, we immediately assign it a cremation ID number on a stainless steel ID tag and then record it in the computer and on your paperwork.
  2. Upon arrival to pick up your pet, or when you drop it off to us, our staff member will place the cremation tag with your pet and confirm the information on our paperwork.
  3. Once we leave your veterinarian’s clinic, we make sure that the cremation tag and identifying paperwork stays with your pet through the entire cremation process. All pets entering into our facility are logged into a book upon arrival.
  4. Once the cremation process is complete, your pet’s cremains are packaged and placed into the urn of your choice with your pet’s name on it.
  5. The cremation ID tag for your pet is then placed into your pet’s container of choice.
  6. A cremation certificate is prepared which bears their owner’s name, pet’s name, and date of cremation. Each cremation certificate is signed by the cremation technician who performed the cremation.
  7. The cremation certificate, paperwork, and urn are all double checked to verify accuracy and to ensure that your pet was handled with dignity and compassion throughout the entire cremation process.